Saturday, August 21, 2010

The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn

Sometimes we have to make choices that will change the course of our lives. Whether that be which form of transportation, bus of taxi, which job offer to take, or whether to beleive your boyfriend when they say they didnt cheat, they all change our lives. Either in a small, or large way. When we face those decisions, its like a moment in time stops. We sit. We decide. And than we act. But what happens when the decision takes more thought, more energy, and it hurts to think of the pros and cons. I want this, but not that, I get this, but lose that! Its hard, and the time it takes for us to decide feels like it isnt moving, as if your stairing at the seconds and time wont pass, as if the minute wont change until we decide! When I felt that, I just wanted to sleep, and hope that when I wake up the decision will be made and I wont be faced with this burden. But life isn't that easy, sadly. Im indecisive, I change my mind like a streetlight changes colors. Green, than yellow, than red, than green again! It never just stays red! WHY! I wish someone else could just make some decisions for me! But I guess I'd find away to argue those decisions. I guess this is called growing up. Its my life, and what I decide Im going have to start living with.

So Ive made the decision, have you? Make one, right now, and stick to it. Dont change it, Dont decide it was a crazy spure of the moment thought and back out, just do it. Now all that is left to do is hope that it is the right path, and keep on trucking.

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