Saturday, July 31, 2010

"I just don't get hungry!"

Why do we eat?

Some eat because they need to to survive.
Some eat because they love the taste, the texture, the feeling they get when they are full.
And some... just avoid eating as much as possible.

I guess I understand not eating, otherwise known as anorexia. But throwing up after you actually do eat? You'd think that if they care about their appearance so much as to not eat, that they'd care about their organs failing, or their teeth rotting from the acid aswell.

Eating disorders get the best of us. We become so fixated on our appearance and every inch of 'fat' on our bodies, that the layer of skin becomes 'fat' in our eyes. "Research indicates that exposure to images of thin, young, air-brushed female bodies is linked to depression, loss of self-esteem and the development of unhealthy eating habits in women and girls." All of us know atleast one person, if not being us, that want to lose weight. It a large problem throughout the world. Diets that don't even work, workout videos that we eventually just pack away in a box, sometimes not even opening them, and 'healthy foods' that we buy and most times winde up in the garbage next week. We all spend sooo much money on this so called 'problem'. The news makes a big deal about obeisity, but what about anorexia and bullemia?! What about those that don't eat, or throw up their lunch because they feel guilty, or depressed, or fat!? The media is what started the problem. "Don't make a monster, if your gonna whyne about it scaring the s**t out of you later".

Eating diorders are mental illness' often with life threatening physical consequences later on. An estimated 1 in 3 of all dieters develop compulsive dieting attitudes and behaviors. Studies show that a concern of becoming fat starts as early as 7 years old... SEVEN!? Not many people know that anorexia has a higher mortality rate than some cancers! Those with anorexia have a 10% chance of death within 10 years. Between the ages of 15-25 is where the problem truly lies. It is estimated that 5-10% of girls and women suffer from an eating disorder. A common estimation suggest that as many as 10-15 per cent of eating disorders are fatal for those affected. The statistics show that many disorders are not treated because those with the illness either deny it (ALWAYS), or have become very good at camoflauging the symptoms.

Barbie tends to be a goal in so many girls and womens eyes. Do they not know that Barbie's estimates have put her life-size bust between 38 and 40 inches, her waist at 18-24 inches, and her height between five and a half and seven feet, with a weight of 110 pounds. THAT.IS.NOT.POSSIBLE. With those sizes, a human would have to walk on all fours! So many eating disorders and other problems have resulted from Barbies proportions, that Mattel is actually remodelling Barbie all together!

Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge eating, and all the other eating disorders are not a problem with food, but rather a mental disorder. It is not their fault they have this disease, just like it is not cancer patients' faults they have cancer! But it is so important that if you know someone who has it, to speak up. To talk to them, and those who care about the person, and get them help a.s.a.p! Before it's too late. Do not let them tell you no.

Bulimia and Self-Help Line:
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  1. it's disgusting what the world has brought upon us.. diseases created by the media.. image and such.
    i'm not a thin person. i have meat and i love it..
    however, people are more concerned about it .. more often then i am
    i have been called names like fatty and other hurtful things.. even when theyre said with a smile or as a joke, there is always some truth and it hurts.
    it's not fair because everyone is different and who know's what perfect is anyway?
    everyone is amazing and beautiful in their own way.. one must embrace what they have and who they are .. i guess it takes more then just courage to stand up to your rivals.. sometimes that rival is yourself.
    so so sad :(

  2. Sadly, 99 pervent of the time the rival is ourselves. Our minds are inlfuenced by what people say about us, and others, and how the media perceived beauty :(

  3. i think what's seen as being skinny is really a misconception. what is actually seen is muscle.
    step 1: eat no sugar
    step 2: drink only water
    step 3: use actual free weights
    step 4: get your ass off the treadmill and do more free weights
    step 5: no bread!@#!@#!!@$#%^!
    and finally
    step 6: be awesome.

  4. ahahahahaaaa ^^
    I like step 6;)